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We allow only Pakistani & Turkish (Urdu Subtitled) videos, content related to news, talk shows, dramas & music. 

PkFilmy is purely dedicated to Pakistani music & Videos, our aim is to promote Pakistani Music and its artists.

Enjoy streaming the best music from Pakistan.

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PkFilmy is pure Pakistani Videos Sharing Community, other content will be removed without any notice.

Description of the Website:

PkFilmy is one of the biggest video sharing website not only in Pakistan but also in the South-Asian region and is serving millions of videos daily all around the world. PkFilmy is a platform where users can upload, watch and share videos. Unregistered users can watch, share and even comment on any video. Registration is required for uploading and rating a video. PkFilmy is available on all digital mediums i-e- iOS, Windows and Android. PkFilmy is also a platform to promote the local and regional talent of Pakistan, nationally and internationally. We aim to be an intermediary between the artistic individuals of Pakistan and fame. Intellectual property rights

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