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Nizam e Alem Season 1 Episode 19 Full With Urdu Subtitle

Nizam e Alem Episode 19

Nizam e Alem English the new Episode story went beyond the most severe and acceptable lying with the past. As far as the previous episode was concerned, Hassan Sabah’s real face was revealed to Malik Shah, Nizam ul Malik, Sanjar, and Malik Tapar. But according to everyone’s expectations, Sabbah escaped the death penalties once again. Nizam e Alem Episode and the girl from Constantinople was saved by Levia.


Batini and the Crusaders

Levia was introduced to a new character in the drama that appeared to be a beautiful lying with beautiful hair and modern makeup with a beautiful face, which dropped lightning on many viewers’ hearts. But she seems to be a powerful villain who will unite with Batini and the Crusaders.

Nizam ul Mulk

Seljuk experts were examining the gold, and they admitted the gold was not aboriginal. This scenerio made Faysal suspicious. But they fooled Nizam ul Mulk and proved that some other well-known traders owned gold. So, those traders took gold to Livia.

Turna Was Extremely Happy

Turna was extremely happy when his father told him he gave up on his decision and let her marry Sanjar. A servant told Malik Shah that Markos had sent messenger killers as a symbol to continue revenge, and they had an alliance of Sabbah. Moreover, Tapar also informed that Sabbah was living.

Zubaida Hatun

Sanjar takes Faysal to Sultan Malik Shah. Zubaida Hatun called Nizam ul Mulk. She knew that Basulu was alive, and she condemned Nizam ul Mulk for hiding this truth. She threatened him that no one would take anything before his son, Berkyaruk. But Basulu’s patience has come to an end, and she expressed her urgency to reveal the secret herself before Zubaida Hatun.

Tarkan Hatun

Out of all the desperate situations through which Tarkan Hatun has been, she finally got the good news, which relieved his stress.
Livia met Sanjar, and she introduced herself as the clerk of Shahbinder. Faysal also warned Livia to be aware of his determination.

Malik Tapar

Malik Tapar suddenly went to see Commander Issakios. He ordered Issakios to close all the doors of the castle. Markos became worried because he was hidden in the palace. Sanjar was in the inn, and Livia took responsibility to kill Sanjar with the weapon shaped by Hassan Sabbah. Livia won his mercy to be with him for a while. Turna was also working near that place. She mistook Sanjar. At the same time, Markos came to the room where Sanjar asked Livia to stay at night. The next day, Turna warned Livia because she sensed Livia’s wrong intentions.

Sanjar also killed Christians

The last part of the episode is full of fight sequels and full of emotions. Sultan Malik Shah fought with Crasuders, Sanjar also killed Christians. Plus, Sanjar came across Hassan Sabbah, who was about to kill two of Sanjar’s impressive alps. They all held their swords up against Batini’s. The episode ends that the moment when Sanjar shielded Malik Shah, who was unconscious on the ground.

What are your expectations from the next episode

What are your expectations from the next episode. What do you think, will Hassan Sabbah and Markos not cross their roads because of their mutual purpose? The biggest threat is whether Sultan Malik Shah will live to see Basulu Hatun alive. Will Sanjar ever hug Sultan as his own son? Aren’t you excited to see Turna Hatun in action. To explore further about the twists and turns of the story, be in touch with us. We assure you the quality translation.

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